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|| bananamilkpower--->choisocks || *97.10.30* "No matter how difficult and hard something is, I will always be positive and smile like an idiot." - Park Chanyeol~ |
Normal albums: You open the cheap plastic case and spot the CD.
K-pop albums: A ring at the front door echos throughout your home. You open the brown package. Bubble wrap. Bubble wrap. BUBBLE WRAP. BUBBLE WRAP. BUUUUBBBLLLEE WRRAAPPP oh...what's this? A well-put-together album sailed across the ocean just for you. Your body shivers with excitement as you disassemble it. Each part, another burst of energy traveling through your body. The photobook? THE PHOTOBOOK.FDDJDSLKDSFKJLVFJK%^Y^*OKUTYJRH. EACH PAGE FILLED WITH GLORY AND FEELS'RE;GHAEHBEW3J2R oh has it ended already?...but wait...the photocard. THE PHOTOCARD. THE PHOTOCCCCAAARRRRDDDDDDDDDSLFGKME;GKTEHKW AND IT'S YOUR BIAS. DFSKJGB;LHN';;F' *dies*.